Adaptive forestry strategies to provide goods and services while coping with global change challenge

30 ECTS specialization sub-programme at Uni Valladolid (Spain) on:

Specialization U Valladolid 2024

Forests are facing new global demands and stresses that require new forestry strategies. Forester need new foundation that allow them to develop forestry strategies to provide goods and services while ecosystems structure and functions are maintained and enhanced.

Thus the MEDfOR specialization on “Adaptive forestry strategies to provide good and services while coping with global change challenge” provides methods and foundations that will allow students to apply this advanced knowledge to address and develop these new forestry strategies. With this aim, this MEDfOR specialization compiles multidisciplinary knowledge on Geo-statistical analyses applied to land management, concepts and practices focused on Mediterranean forests, Forest Entomology and Forest Pathology applied to management, conservation and use of Genetic Resources in forest species and the study of new tools for new challenges.

The specialization covers four courses and a seminar by using practical examples and study cases approach. These courses and seminar will be conducted by professors and researchers from University of Valladolid and CIFOR-INIA integrated in the Joint Institute on Sustainable Forest Management (UVa-INIA).


  1. Silviculture under multifunctional objectives (6 ECTS)
  2. Genetic resources conservation and Molecular Markers (6 ECTS)
  3. Forest pest and diseases (6 ECTS)
  4. Geo-Statistical Analysis (6 ECTS)
  5. Learning by doing in forestry: New tools for new challenges (6 ECTS)