The University of Valladolid, founded in the 13th century, is the oldest University of Spain. 160 undergraduate degree courses are offered in the fields of Humanities, Education, Social, Health and Natural Physical Sciences and Engineering. In its classrooms the more traditional studies live side by side with newer disciplines that respond to the technological needs of the immediate future. Moreover, the UVA offers 54 master and 80 Ph.D. programmes. These study programmes are uniquely designed in intensive co-operation with enterprises and other relevant stakeholders. An average of 170 Ph.D. thesis are read annually at the UVa. Internationalization is one of the key objectives of the UVa. Therefore, the IRO of the UVa, has been organising student and academic staff mobility since 1987 within the framework of ERASMUS and other European Programmes such as TEMPUS, ALFA, EDULINK etc... Over 2.000 students and 200 professors are sent and received to other European Universities in the framework of ERASMUS annually.

The Uva received a prize by the ERASMUS National Agency for the high quality management of the Programme. Besides, the UVa also receives a large number of students and teaching staff for master and doctoral studies from foreign countries. A substantial number of agreements with universities from these countries enable the student exchange at undergraduate, master and doctoral level every year, as well as the development of double PhDs and cotuteles. The UVa is also very active in terms of the ERASMUS MUNDUS projects with Latin America and ACP countries.



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    Felipe Bravo Oviedo

    Rosario Sierra de Grado

    Miren del Río Gaztelurrutia

    Andrés Bravo Oviedo

    José Reque Kilchenmann

    Julio Javier Diez Casero