If you do not find the answer to your question here please contact the Erasmus Secretariat for further information.

All students will have to either send documentation of English proficiency - IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge tests. If you are a native English speaker no formal test is required.

You can download the Application Form from this website. Please fill in the form and forward it with all obligatory enclosures to the MEDfOR Secretariat.

Due to application procedures and deadlines, this is only possible, if you are an EU student. Your university must, in that case, confirm in writing that you will graduate no later than July in the year of admission. You should immediately upon receipt of the certified diploma mail a copy to the MEDfOR Secretariat. Assessment of your application can not be finalised until the certified diploma has been received. Students from Non-EU/EEA-EFTA countries MUST submit their diploma with the application form.

Your documents must have an original stamp and a signature verifying the “True Copy”. Typically, your university will be able to assist you in certifying your documents. Otherwise, we also accept signatures by embassies and representations or public offices, e.g. police stations.

Each application is assessed by at least two members of the consoritum, one from each university. Each assessment category (i.e. academic potential, motivation, recommendations and relevant work experience) is allocated a grade between 0 and 5. A final application grade is obtained using a weighting system whereby 65% of the final grade is allocated to academic potential, 15% to work experience and 10% to each other category.

Yes. You may be eligible and, but if you enroll in MEDfOR, you will need to provide the necessary credentials during the initial months to complete your application. If you do not present your credentials, you will be excluded from the programme.

If you believe that standard MEDfOR assessment procedures have not been adhered to in relation to your application, you may fill the appeal form, no later than 5 days after receiving the notification.

No! The submitted materials are never returned. It is destroyed or filed (for accepted students).

The costs shall be paid upon arrival to the University, immediately after the registration.

The Secretariat has compiled a list of relevant sources. Please consult the section “MEDFOR Student Scholarships” on the website for alternative sources of funding.

The estimated costs are around  800-1000 euros per month. The living costs section contains an overview of expenses and a student budget according to host institution.

Your host institution will assist you in finding accommodation. You will receive instructions and an application form for housing with your letter of admission.

Once third-country students and scholars have received a letter of admission from their first year institution, they must apply for the visa.

For Instructions on the  VISA application procedure you should contact the nearest Embassy of your first year european country in your city/region/country.

We kindly inform scholarship holders that the processing VISA fee must be paid by you. Unfortunately, we cannot make any payments of your scholarship in advance to cover travel, fees etc.

It generally takes 10-12 weeks to process a complete application. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start the application process as soon as you receive your admission letter. A delay in handing in the complete application could add approximately 8 weeks to the process.

Unfortunately, the Secretariat is not able to assist you in your travel arrangements. Therefore, you must manage the booking of tickets yourself.

No. The participation costs of  the students already cover the insurance.

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