Introductory Course: Introduction to Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources

This is a blended course provided by University of Valladolid, worth of 6 ECTS. It has a strong e-learning component, with 60 hour of personal work (readings, video watching, exercises, …) and online interaction, plus 15 hours of face-to-face interaction in Palencia (during the time of Winter School). The course is divided in several topics:

  1. Mediterranean Forest Systems: historical and environmental framework.
  2. Silviculture of Mediterranean tree species.
  3. Forest landowners and other stakeholders: objectives, goals and constraints
  4. Ecosystem services
  5. Forest diagnosis
  6. Forest measurements and forestry related data
  7. Common forestry practices
  8.  Forest and Natural Resources: economic and social perspectives
  9. Forest disturbances and risks
  10. Careers and forestry organizations

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Explain or describe in their own words the basic elements of Mediterranean environment and forests and its implication for forestry and natural resources management
  • Understand the main drivers of forestry and natural resource management in the Mediterranean
  • Be ready to go in depth on advance topics in Mediterranean forestry and natural resource management in further courses

Winter School at University of Valladolid (Spain)

During the WinterSchool the students have three different courses, in a total of 9 ECTs:

  • Annual Research Meeting
  • Forest Biological Threats and Climate change
  • Seminar of Model Forest Concept


The Winter School was designed to promote students and scholars mobility and to foster an integrative view of Mediterranean forestry and to promote communication and multidisciplinary exchange between all participants. It will further provide an opportunity for the participation of non-educational actors - e.g. forest owners organizations, forest consulting firms, central and local public administrations, forest industries, local development organizations to strengthen the links between MEDfOR and the Mediterranenan forestry community. The Winter School that take place in Palencia during the last three weeks of January and the first week of February of each year (please check the exact date for each edition) include three courses on Model Forests, Biological threats and the participation in the annual Young Foresters Meeting. 

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