Michael Boateng Ottie
GH Ghana
6th Edition: 2017/2019

"MEDFOR is complete programme considering the way the academics of the various universities are structured.  You will acquire all the necessary skills regarding natural resources management in advance modern scientific techniques. One unique thing is where you meet people with different background and skills to discuss various ways in which natural resources are managed per their perceptive. it is really a nice experience."  July 2019

Mohamed Samy
EG Egypt
6th Edition: 2017/2019

The MEDFOR Program provided an excellent frame for me as a person and as a forestry engineer. During these two years I have been living and studying in different countries (Italy, Spain), my first year was at the University of Padova, Italy. and then I had great experience in a summer internship in forest inventory at the association of Montnegre I el Corredor, Barcelona, Spain. my second year in Valladolid University, Spain. exciting things, that I did my thesis project in a nonwood food product in Ethiopia with INIA Association, Madrid, which I had the chance to choose my topic within a various number of theses. I was a self-funding student but they really helped me alot to recover this issue. It was exciting and challenging, but the most wonderful things that surpassed my expectation were the people I met during these fantastic years, especially during the period in Padova and the winter school. ndeed, it has been a pleasure to get involved in the Master program and to become a part of the MEDfOR family. Sincerely, it has been a unique, rewarding and unforgettable experience in all respects!"


Muhammad Ishfaq
PK Pakistan
6th Edition: 2017/2019

"MEDfOR Program not only enhanced my academic and professional skills but also provided opportunity to learn how to act conscientiously in multilingual, multicultural and supranational environment". July 2019

Mulugeta Sisay Abebe
ET Ethiopia
6th Edition: 2017/2019

“During my Erasmus Mundus MEDFOR master, I learned a lot, the people I studied with and the different cultures I interacted with really opened my mind. I had the opportunity of proving what I could potentially be worth which perhaps to be a challenge but resulted in the biggest learning experience. My MEDfOR experience was the one to never forget.” July 2019.

Nabila Bahmed
DZ Algeria
6th Edition: 2017/2019
Narangarav Dugarsuren
MN Mongolia
6th Edition: 2017/2019

"I am very grateful for MEDFOR program for offering opportunities for the students not only to broaden knowledge, skill, and experience but also to experience with new perspectives, culture and people who have different origins. In my view, this program paves a new road for the student by enabling chances to build the relationship with scholars and classmates both in academic and friendship level. Also it allows the students to live in different countries through the consortium of several universities in Italy, Spain and Portugal. My experience through this program was excellent! Thank you for everyone who was responsible for each part of it!" July 2019


Shebeshe Haile
ET Ethiopia
6th Edition: 2017/2019

"During my two years stay as a graduate student of MEDFOR program I have had unforgettable experience while I was studied in three different countries with wonderful friends of classmates comes from all the continent. MEDFOR provides me an amazing and pleasant time to learn, sharing experiences and to work in three high profile institution of three countries, which was an amazing experience. University of Padova (Italy), University of Valladolid (Spain) and Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) for first year, second year, and research internship, respectively. This was realised with a superb organization by University of Lisbon. Winter school and summer school are special and enjoyable events of MEDFOR program where students from all partner universities come together. The interesting and at the mean time challenging two years concluded with good memory, now I believe that the knowledge, skill and experience I acquired during my study time promoted my academic career one step ahead. Prise to God and thanks for all institutions and everyone in the process." July 2019

"Overall, MEDFOR was a big step up in my academic career with interesting opportunity to study in three top higher institutions in three countries. First year University of Padova (Italy), second year University of Valladolid (Spain), Second year 2nd semester Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). In all three institutions I had memorable study time with a very international group of good friends of class mates, teaching and research staffs. I gratefully thank you all! With you all, following my successful accomplishment of the international MSC in MEDFOR program now I started my PhD in Free University of Bolzano." December 2019.

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SM Lovely Akhter
BD Bangladesh
6th Edition: 2017/2019

“For me, MEDFOR is the platform of practical observations, field level case studies and diversified sharing knowledge with experts, highly experienced professors and obviously the students from around the world.” July 2019.