EG Egypt
First MEDfOR University: University of Padova
Second MEDfOR University: University of Valladolid
Third MEDfOR University: University of Valladolid

The MEDFOR Program provided an excellent frame for me as a person and as a forestry engineer. During these two years I have been living and studying in different countries (Italy, Spain), my first year was at the University of Padova, Italy. and then I had great experience in a summer internship in forest inventory at the association of Montnegre I el Corredor, Barcelona, Spain. my second year in Valladolid University, Spain. exciting things, that I did my thesis project in a nonwood food product in Ethiopia with INIA Association, Madrid, which I had the chance to choose my topic within a various number of theses. I was a self-funding student but they really helped me alot to recover this issue. It was exciting and challenging, but the most wonderful things that surpassed my expectation were the people I met during these fantastic years, especially during the period in Padova and the winter school. ndeed, it has been a pleasure to get involved in the Master program and to become a part of the MEDfOR family. Sincerely, it has been a unique, rewarding and unforgettable experience in all respects!"



August 2019. "Doing an Internship at FAO, Italy"