Abdullah-Al Mamum
BD Bangladesh
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"MEDfOR was definitely a great opportunity in my life with full of exciting experience, colourful memories with friends and a number of interesting courses with some genius professors."

Alisa Reiss
DE Germany
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"MEDfOR offered a creative international atmosphere of talented folks combined with promising forestry experts. I enjoyed an ongoing feeling of being in an adventure, funny inter-cultural exchange, liberal discussions at class and also the times of hard work. Looking back, I feel more than thankful for the chance of participation, the outcomes and all the warm welcomes during classes and field trips."  

Andrii Khomiuk
UA Ukraine
5th Edition: 2016/2018

Multicultural environment of students from all around the world, tremendous hospitality of the Mediterranean region, overall freedom of expression and available research opportunities – these are just a couple of reasons why MEDfOR was totally worth joining for me!

Babla Mohajan
BD Bangladesh
5th Edition: 2016/2018

The memories, the experiences, the folks I met and the knowledge I achieved by attending this dynamic and excellent international master program will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Bikash Kharel
NP Nepal
5th Edition: 2016/2018

“Studies, Cities, Professors, Friends, Culture, Fun equals lifetime experience. Thank you Medfor and Erasmus Mundus for such an amazing memories.”

Daniel Hagos Berhe
ET Ethiopia
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"In my life, I have made lots of decisions that impact my life. Of these decisions, my decision to join MEDfOR was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For me MEDfOR was everything. I gained the knowledge and skill that I wished to acquire in my academic life and I build confidence. Above all, I met very nice people from all walks of life. Hence, I recommend international students to join MEDfOR to achieve their dreams.

Danilo Reis Gonçalves
BR Brazil
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"MEDFOR has been one of the best experiences I've had in my life. In these two years I had the wonderful opportunity to make friends from all over the world, to live in two different countries and learn about their cultures and to study in the best forestry schools of Europe. I am very grateful to MEDFOR for being part of this unforgettable experience!" July 2018. 

Ishan Kanungo
IN India
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"The program was a very unique opportunity to study different aspects of forestry and ecology in an international setting with highly experienced professors and students from around the world. Altogether, it has been among the most rewarding experiences of my life."

Koffi Dodji Noumonvi
TG Togo
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"For me, MEDfOR was 3 in 1: Learning, enjoying and bonding"

Md Ekramul Haque
BD Bangladesh
5th Edition: 2016/2018
Motaz Abdelaziz
EG Egypt
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"Literally, it is the best experience I had in my life, thanks to the mobility, multi culture joints and the fantastic professors. The most important thing I have learned that is “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”, there is no time wasted, however, life is a learning process.”

Nayeli Alejandra Estevez
US United States
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"Medfor was the best experience I've had in learning what I am passionate about. "

Noelia López-García
ES Spain
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"The MEDFOR Program provided an excellent chance for me as a person and as a forestry engineer. During these two years I have been living and studying in different countries (Spain, Portugal and France), and it was exciting and challenging, but the most fabulous things that surpassed my expectation were the people I met during these fantastic years, especially during the period in Lleida and the winter school. Undoubtedly MEDfOR has given an outstanding contribution throughout this incredible journey, bringing me with the opportunity to learn new methods and acquire new tools for dealing with Mediterranean ecosystems issues through the application of new technologies that have helped me have a hands-on approach at forestry management of natural resources. On the other hand, the experience has been very enriching because I could discover and learn more about different cultures and meet amazing people who have contributed, undoubtedly, to my personal development. Indeed, it has been a pleasure to get involved in the Master program and to become a part of the MEDfOR family. Sincerely, it has been a unique, rewarding and unforgettable experience in all respects!"  July 2018.

Peter Bufeh
CM Cameroon
5th Edition: 2016/2018

"MEDfOR has been the most rewarding experience of my life so far. This is true because i was not only given the best education possible but the faculty and staff were all so friendly and welcoming, and they were very approachable if I ever had any questions or whenever I sought advice. From studying in three wonderful European universities and cities, to  the awesome field trips was definitely some of my most fun moments of the program. Also the quality of studies is really high, having high quality professors instructing and giving hands-on experiences in forest and natural resource management related issues was so enriching. To sum up my experience at MEDfOR: hardwork, great friends, accessible faculty and a wonderful international and intercultural study environment.  ” 

Samson Omokaro Osadolor
NG Nigeria
5th Edition: 2016/2018

“For me, the net gain since joining the MEDFOR Programme have been tremendous, despite the hurdles. As an international student, I chose to attend the programme for two main reasons, the first being to combine study and travel, secondly due to the specializations in the second year, in my case I was attracted to the Master in Forest and Environmental science, offered in Tuscia, this programme in its entirety has provided me a solid foundation in taking the next step for my career. The course has been a lot of hard work, constantly stretching me, but it has been tremendous fun as well and I am very glad I was able to take part. I am thankful to all the staff in the various institutions where I have been, through the course of the programme, for been unfailingly warm, generous in their support, but just as importantly developing my knowledge. My experience to date has been richly memorable and I highly recommend this challenging and richly rewarding programme.”

Siba Ghadban
SY Syrian Arab Republic
5th Edition: 2016/2018

MEDFOR changed my view of myself and gave me the opportunity to discover my potential.