First year at University of Lisbon (ULisboa), Lisbon, Portugal

42 ECTS graduate level sub-programme.

The MEDfOR 42-ECTS sub programme by ULisboa aims at providing students with a graduate-level preparation in the full range of disciplines essential to the wise use and management of Mediterranean forest lands.  This sub-programme is designed so that every student whatever the background (not necessarily a forestry one) might a) acquire fundamental knowledge about the Mediterranean forestry chain and b) develop within the whole EMMC the habilitation and the competences needed to address Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management challenges. These are the learning outcomes goals of this 42-ECTS sub-programme. It will provide the knowledge needed for every student to choose the specialization option in the second year that better addresses her/his education and professional objectives.

Interview done by Julia Ramsauer, a 6th edition student, during her 2nd year of studies, to the following professors who lecture at ISA. 

Prof. Marc McDill is a senior Professor at the department of Ecosystem Science and Management of Pennsylvania State University, USA. He is often an invited lecturer at the MEDfOR Programme at University of Lisbon.

Prof. José Pereira is a senior Professor at School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon and expert on wildfires.


First Semester

  1. Natural Resources Management (6 ECTS)
  2. Forest Management and Certification (6 ECTS)
  3. Forestry Governance (6 ECTS) 
  4. Forest Models (6 ECTS) *
  5. Management of Forest Pests and Diseases (6 ECTS) *
  6. Wildlife Management (6 ECTS) *

Second Semester

  1. Fire Ecology and Management (6 ECTS) 
  2. Geographic Information Systems (6 ECTS) *
  3. Applied Operational Research (6 ECTS) *
  4. Introduction to Arboriculture and Urban Forestry (6 ECTS) *

* Optative Courses