Semester Course: 1st
Credits: 3 ECTS Prerequisites: Non established
Lecturers: Lluis Coll
Web Site:

  1. Objectives:
    That those attending the course could be able to:

    • To show and overview of world, European and Mediterranean Forests
    • Understand statistics, markets and new perceptions of forests (current situation and expected trends
    • To discuss the research trends in a main fields affecting forest sector
  2. Programme topics:
    1. General overview of world, European and Mediterranean forests
    2. New perceptions of forestry
    3. Global change, a new context?. Future scenarios
    4. Ecological responses of vegetation in a global change context
    5. Future trends of forest economy
    6. Effects of global change in a biogeochemical cycles
    7. Influence of global changes on biodiversity
    8. Future research needs in forestry in a global change context
    9. Oral presentations by the students
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include the presentation of an individual work of a selected topic (20%), a class project- presentation ton peer students (25%), grading in field participation accomplishment (25%) and a final exam (30%).