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"University of Lleida: First of all, this university is spectacular in terms of academic purpose. If someone wants to enjoy the academic life, he/she should choose University of Lleida without any doubt- from my point of view. Both academic and administrative staffs are helpful and they are always ready to help you out, no matter what is the time. Prof. Bonet, as a coordinator of MEDfOR from this university and also as a person is mind blowing. I respect and liked this person a lot!
Well, few more beautiful things about this school to say: There are a lot of options of courses and field trips and you are free to choose. They have different cultural/annual activities. Another good thing is life is not so expensive there; but, there are some shortcomings as well. People don't speak English so much (except the university student). So, learning Spanish language before going there could be an extra advantage to enjoy the life- I think. Finally, I love this University a lot!

Bishwajit Roy, Bangladesh, 3rd edition – 1st year in Lleida, 2nd year in Padua

The city of Lleida, with 120,000 inhabitants, is the largest demographic, economic and cultural center in inland Catalonia. The town is only two hours’ drive to the ski runs in the Pyrenees and an hour to the beaches of the Mediterranean. Lleida is located in the center of a rich agricultural region, on the banks of the river Segre. It is a city with plenty of services, with a long tradition as a center of trade and one of the highest incomes per capita in Spain. Catalonia, one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, is a modern, diverse region with its own identity, characterized by a rich history, culture, language and traditions. The city has a continental climate, with cold, dry winters and very hot summers. Temperatures usually range from below 0°C in the winter to over 35°C in the summer.
The two official languages in Catalonia are Catalan and Spanish (also known as Castilian). The latter is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In Catalonia, Catalan is widely used in public life, the mass media, trade and business. (


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