Institution: Politechnical University of Valencia & University of Lleida
Semester Course: 1st 
Credits: 2 ECTS
Lecturers: F. Martínez Capel and Jorge Alcazar Montero
Web Site:

  1. Objectives:
    • To know the principles of river ecosystem functioning and the main techniques and methods for studying the composition, structure, and function of freshwater ecosystems 
    • To know the methods and techniques actually in use for environmental flow assessments, including the field methods and analysis evolved in the physical habitat simulation 
    • To know the main engineering techniques for river rehabilitation and restoration
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Introduction to River Ecology
      • Unit 1- Basis of fluvial ecology
      • Unit2- Biota of the Iberian fluvial ecosystems
    2. Principles of River Rehabilitation
      • Unit3- River Rehabilitation and Restoration. Introduction
      • Unit4- Physical Rehabilitation and Creation of river channels. Guidelines
    3. Monitoring the aquatic environment
      • Unit5- Survey techniques in fluvial ecosystems
    4. Environmental flows
      • Unit6- Environmental Flow Regimes. Methods. Application of the physical habitat simulation and spatial analysis of habitat configuration.
    5. Techniques for banks and in-channel enhancements
      • Unit7- Banks stabilization and revegetation
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include a course project (30%), a final exam (60%) and other activities related (e.g., field trip and others, 10%)