Institution: University of Lleida in cooperation with CTFC
Semester Course: 3rd 
Credits: 3 ECTS
Lecturers: Rosario Fanlo
Web Site:

  1. Objectives:
    • To descript and analysis different forestry surfaces from the grazing point of view.
    • To compare methodologies for fuel load reduction.
    • To discuss stocking rate thresholds for fire prevention plans in relevant Mediterranean landscapes.
    • To analyze the suitability of forest grazing as a fire prevention tool
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Introduction to grazing and browsing management in Mediterranean forestland
    2. Spatial heterogeneity of ecosystems. Pattern development and characterization.
    3. Forest grazing as a tool for fuel load control
    4. Strengths and weaknesses of integrating forest grazing in fire prevention plans
    5. Technical and economic requirements for forest grazing
    6. Case study and planning.
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include the presentation of a class summary (10%), a class project (30%) and a final exam (60%).