Institution: UP
MEDfOR 42-ECTS Graduate-level sub-programme [ X ]
MEDfOR 30-ECTS Specialization sub-programme [ ]
Semester Course: 1st [ ] 2nd [x]
Credits: 3 ECTS
Prerequisites: Lecturer: Laura Secco
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  1. Objectives:
    The aim is to give students theoretical and practical knowledge on how to deal with the steps along a research development process, from the research design to the research finalization and communication of results. Special exercises are devoted to use international databases for literature review and writing research synopsis and final reports. The course is also aimed at students-teachers collaborative learning outputs, being offered by means of e-learning tools.
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Research methodology: How to select the topic of the thesis, The Research Process, Qualitative Research Approaches, The Questionnaire Design, How to develop the research synopsis.
    2. Thesis development and structure: How to carry out the literature review, How to access and use AIRE (the portal of the University of Padova to access the scientific literature - thousands of journals available full text) and other important forestry databases, How to organize the bibliography, Technical writing: how to structure and write the thesis, How to publish a scientific paper.
    3. Presentation of the research results: Tips for exam preparation, Tips for a professional presentation.
  3. Assessment:
    Students pro-active participation up to a minimum of 75% of the E-tivities organized during the e-learning module. A written report based on e-working groups has to be prepared and submitted for passing the final examination.