Congratulations to our students, Daniel Hagos Berhe, Danilo Reis Gonçalves, Koffi Dodji Noumonvi and Susana Dreveck who defender their thesis this month.

Daniel Hagos Berhe: Feasibility of NIR Spectroscopy in Classifying Pine Nut Species

Danilo Reis Gonçalves. Next generation sequencing (NGS) and quantitative PCR (qPCR) as tools to detect Fusarium circinatum in different pine species

Koffi Dodji Noumonvi. Estimation of carbon fluxes from eddy covariance data and satellite-derived vegetation indices in a karst grassland

Susana Dreveck: Leaf morphology characteristics of tree species for particulate matter deposition in an industrial city of central italy

Daniel Hagos and Susana Dreveck defended their thesis in the University of Tuscia.


Danilo Gonçalves defended his thesis in the University of Valladolid:

Koffi Noumonvi defended his thesis in the University of Lisbon: