Congratulations to our MEDfOR alumnus Faqrul Islam Chowdhury! He recently published a paper with results from his master thesis. The article “Drivers of nocturnal stomatal conductance in C3 and C4 plants” was published in the journal Science of The Total Environment.

He previously published the article “Assessing the potential functions of nocturnal stomatal conductance in C3 and C4 plants” in the journal New Phytologist, as second author, which was also an output of his MEDfOR thesis.

Faqrul, from Bangladesh, studied at the University of Lleida and at the University of Tuscia in the academic years 2015/2017. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Forestry at the University of Chittagong (Bangladesh). Before that, he worked in a biodiversity conservation project in the Rohingya Refugee camps, the world's largest refugee camp, after graduating from MEDfOR.

Faqrul was recently awarded two of Europe's most prestigious PhD fellowships: a Marie Curie ITN PhD position in the Skill-For.Action program and a la-Caixa INPHINIT (Incoming) doctoral fellowship.

In his words: “Since receiving the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, MEDfOR has provided me with a range of tools and connections with which I have been consistently pushing my limits. MEDfOR continues to shape me and my career to this day.”