Semester Course:  3rd
Credits: 6 ECTS
Prerequisites: -
Lecturers: Prof. Anna Barbati
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  1. Objectives
    This course provides students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the application of statistic in forest research, with a focus on the way data are gathered and analyzed in the field of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).
  2. Programme topics
    The class lectures will be focused on the following groups of topics:

    1. Introduction to statistical methods in forestry research.
    2. Basic statistics. Descriptive analysis: variables, frequency distribution, tables and graphs. Measures of central tendency, dispersion (variability) and skewness.
    3. Probability: notion of probability, random variables, discrete and continuous theoretical distributions. The binomial distribution. The Poisson distribution. The Normal (and lognormal) distribution.
    4. Introduction to statistical inference: test of hypotheses. Testing means: independents sample tests and related (paired) sample tests. Test of differences between variances. Test of proportions. Tests of goodness of fit. Analysis of variance (ANOVA). Analysis of repeated measures.
    5. Modeling concepts: the measures of correlation among variables. Linear Regression: model specification and estimation; testing the significance of the regression coefficients and the goodness of fit of the models.
    6. Design and analysis of experiments: principles of experimentation.
    7. Sampling techniques: basic concept of sampling. The principal steps in a sample survey. Population and sample, sampling units, sampling intensity. Simple random sampling. Systematic sampling. Stratified sampling. Multistage sampling. Multiphase sampling. Probability Proportional to Size (PPS) sampling. Applications of sampling concepts to forest inventory.
    8. Special topics and applications from forestry research.
  3. Assessment
    The main emphasis of the exams will be on solving practical exercises and testing your knowledge on the selection of the most appropriate statistical techniques to be used in applied situations and on the interpretation of the results. Tables of random distributions required for the exam will be provided. You will not be allowed to use reference books or notes during the exams. If your native language is not English, you may use a dictionary.