Semester Course: 3rd
Credits: 6 ECTS
Prerequisites: none Lecturer: Américo M. S. Carvalho Mendes
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  1. Objectives:
    To train students in economic concepts adequate to deal with situations where interpersonal relations and collective action problems are relevant, but which usually are not taugh in standard micro and macroeconomics courses.
  2. Programme topics:
    1. The economic concepts of goods and services
    2. The usual economic typology of goods and services: private, open access, public and club goods 3. Externalities and mechanisms for their internalization
    3. Types of values people give to goods and services: use value, exchange value, symbolic exchange value, cognitive value, identity value, eudemonic value
    4. Collective action problems: cooperation, coordination and zero sum/confrontation problems
    5. Interpersonal relations and relational goods
    6. Economics of giving and altruism
    7. Economics of partnerships
    8. Economics of networks
    9. Economics of identity: economic implications of individual and collective identity
    10. Economics of happiness and subjective well-being measurement methods
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include two alternative options: final exam (70%) + essay (30%) or final exam only (100%).