Semester Course: 3rd
Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Prerequisites: Forest Botany (6 ECTS) or override permit by the lecturer
Lecturers: Salih TERZİOĞLU

  1. Objectives:
    The course aims to provide the graduate students with a theoretical phytosociological knowledge especially on Turkish forests, to use these for the forest practices and determining the indicators for conserving plant biodiversity in forest ecosystems
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Biodiversity and its components
    2. Plant association and it measurement methods
    3. Plant sociology
    4. Vegetation classification by: Braun-Blanquet, IUCN, EUNİS, Natura2000
    5. Floristic list, characteristic species, habitats, minimal areas
    6. Integration of biodiversity (flora) into forest management plans
    7. Case study: Field work
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include a written midterm exam (30%), term projects, presentation performance and oral exam (20%) and a written final exam (50%)