Semester Course:3rd 
Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Prerequisites: Operations research (6 ECTS) and Forest management (6 ECTS) or override permit by the lecturer

  1. Objectives:
    This course aims to explore various values of forest ecosystems in preparing a participatory based multiple use forest management plans focusing on ecologic, economic and socio-cultural values
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Introduction to forest ecosystems or landscape management and its evolution.
    2. Exploring the role of ecological integrity, biodiversity, forest healthy, habitat management, natural disturbances and spatial planning in ecosystem management.
    3. Forest certification and sustainable forest management criteria and indicators.
    4. Social, ecological, economic and technological aspects of ecosystem management.
    5. Identification and examination of factors affecting forest landscape patterns/structure and process over time. Application of management science techniques to ecosystem management
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include a written midterm exam (30%), term projects, presentation performance and oral exam (20%) and a written final exam (50%)