HR Croatia
First MEDfOR University: University of Lleida
Summer Internship: Technology Center of Catalonia (CTFC), Spain
Second MEDfOR University: University of Padua
Third MEDfOR University: University of Padua

“During the MEDFOR Master Programme I have learned a lot, travelled around beautiful Mediterranean countries, and made amazing friendships. Already in the third semester I was offered a job in an international organisation which promotes responsible management of the world's forests, where I currently work. In my office I am the second employed person with MEDFOR diploma.” 

More information on his Summer internship experience  here.

Ivan Hederić. 2020. Forests and forest sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia: an analysis of the current state and future expansion opportunities of FSC certification. Master Thesis. University of Padua, Department of Land and Agro-forestry Systems. 


Works on FSC Italy since June 2020, handling inquiries that comes from Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia  and Slovenia (which we call Adria-Balkan region) related to FSC.