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First MEDfOR University: University of Lisbon
Second MEDfOR University: University of Padova
Third MEDfOR University: University of Padova

“I am currently working in the department of Geography at University of Oregon, USA as both a graduate student and a teaching assistant for GIS. MEDfOR was a great experience where I met wonderful people that we have exchanged ideas and knowledge with each other and enjoyed our time together. What I learned from this program is not only about the courses we have taken, but also how I reflected about myself in pursuing a better life through the travelings and communications. It is always fascinating how we gain knowledge on the human-environment interaction gradually and somehow subtly by enjoying the process." 2015.

" I am now a geographer specializing in GIS and pursuing a doctorate degree at the University of Oregon. My dissertation topic is on the effects of climate change and governance on large-scale forest insect outbreaks in western North America. I like very much my work environment although I do hope there are more sunny days in Eugene. America is very advanced in academic and thus I have to push myself in a professional path. I start to see myself both a forester and a geographer. The biggest challenge so far, surprisingly (or not), is English. I am still training myself for better communication in academic. I have met some good friends and I found my talent in programming. I tried different new things and I wish I have more time for writing. I also tried teaching, which is not my favorite, but I want to be good at it. I am glad I've met all of you and the professors particularly whom I worked closely with. That's what MEDfOR benefits me most. I wish you all enjoy your life." 11/05/2016



 Geographer specializing in GIS and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Social Science Instructional Labs -  University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon, USA. 2018.