LB Lebanon
First MEDfOR University: University of Lisbon
Second MEDfOR University: University of Tuscia
Third MEDfOR University: University of Tuscia

"MEDfOR has offered to its students a multidisciplinary program revolving around Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management. Although some students encountered some difficulties during the first year, the program proved to be beneficial and successful the second year. In fact, the MEDfOR universities network offers its students different specializations opportunities, allowing them to follow their vocation and to benefit from a good level of professionalism in a specific field of their choice.
One of the constitutive pillars of the MEDfOR program is the mobility track required during the two years of the master program. Apart from offering the chance for the student to experience an independent life away from his environment, the mobility track puts the student in confrontation with different societies and life-styles. This experience is very life-enriching, promoting the personal growth of the individuals. It also offers the opportunities to learn new languages and discover at least two different countries. Moreover, the MEDfOR consortium organizes for its students a winter school in the first year in which they are brought to participate in the annual young researchers meeting. The meeting allows the students to gain knowledge about different research and management topics in forestry (mainly from each other), and to meet some professionals in the field. Apart from that, students have to pursue their own objectives and could benefit from excellent professors and supervisors." I have enjoyed completing my MEDfOR thesis at the University of Tuscia, and benefited from participating in an other European project called BIOINNO about Bio-entrepreneurship. This experience, along with the encouragement of my supervisor, led me to pursue a PhD at the University of Cambridge.  I am currently in the third year of my PhD in forest ecology and conservation, working on Mediterranean forests resilience to climate change."  29/07/2015


 Doing a PhD in Plant Sciences at University of Cambridge, UK. 2019