IT Italy
Schio (Vicenza)
First MEDfOR University: University of Lleida
Second MEDfOR University: University of Lisbon
Third MEDfOR University: University of Padova

"Right now I'm working within FSC Italy, the Italian Office of an International Organization, the Forest Stewardship Council ( The core issue of FSC is to promote the Responsible Forest Management. In relation to the MEDFOR experience, personally it was a great opportunity to meet new people, especially for those students coming from very far away. With some of them I'm still in contact and I'm planning to visit them. Regarding the professional point of view, I've learnt how to manage forests from different perspectives, including the socio-economic and environmental aspects.Another issue is the exchange of opinion, influences, and time within my fellows, and that was really great and helpful time (especially during the period in Lleida)." 17/07/2015


FSC Forest Management technical advisor, Italy. 2019.