Joyce Romeiro, 2nd year MEDfOR student, did an Internship in Finland, in a company called " Arbonaut". 

In her words:

"My goal for this internship was a place that would require a lot of me so that I could learn the most during only 2 months. 2 months go by very fast and trying to make the best of them is essential. As a student that wants to focus on remote sensing as a tool for forest conservation, I went to do my internship in a company that is recognized in the forest consulting market, specializing in forest inventory by remote sensing. This company is Arbonaut in Finland.

As soon as I arrived, the CEO told me he had some special work for me: A new potential costumer wanted to check if it would be good for him to acquire a predetermined piece of land to plant trees for cardboard industry. The CEO only knew the area of interest and basically said to me: “do your best”. The instructions were basic, but due to my background in Forestry and the amazing GIS/RS classes I had in UdL, I was able to deliver my first work in Arbonaut with the compliments from the boss.

After that I worked nonstop, always having a new demand in a different project. In total, I worked in 5 projects during those 2 months, and for each one I learned many new things. At the end, the CEO and my direct supervisor invited me to come back for my master’s thesis, and possibly a PhD and employment afterwards"

Figure 1. Exterior of the Arbonaut’s building in Joensuu (upper left); 1st floor where the remote sensing team works (upper right); Some of the services that Arbonaut offers (lower).​