Ivan Hederic, 2nd year student from Croatia, took the Summer to do an internship at CTFC. Here he shares his experience:

"During the summer between 1st and 2nd year of MEDFOR master’s degree, I have decided to do an internship in a research center CTFC in Catalonia. This has proven to be a great decision as I worked with experts in a field of study which I am mostly interested in. I have greatly advanced my skills necessary for developing a literature review as well as a case study. Working in a research center and collaborating with experienced researchers has assured me that continuing with research in forestry beyond master’s degree might be good option for me. I have noticed that being a MEDFOR student has its advantages even before obtaining the final diploma, as many researchers recognize this master’s degree and are more willing to collaborate and help. Apart from the studies, I was able to meet some local people, learn about their rich culture and improve my Castilian. If you are still not sure which way to go after MEDFOR, I would definitely recommend doing an internship and removing any doubts!"