Our alumnus Sezin Kete recently published two research articles - "Local community participation and volunteerism in wildfire area management: A systematic review", in the Turkish Journal of Forestry, and “Istanbul Residents’ Perceptions of the Use of Green Spaces by Syrian Immigrants”, in the Eurasian Journal of Forest Science. Congratulations Sezin!



Sezin, from Turkey, studied at the University of Padova (Italy), the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and the Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto (Portugal) in the academic years 2020/2022. In his words ‘‘As an international experience MEDfOR is a tremendous opportunity to develop the vision of young forest engineers. Moreover, I understand more and more the importance of its teachings in terms of improving my skills to be good researcher. I can point out the contribution of the education I received at MEDfOR as one of the turning points in my life.’’