Our MEDfOR student who recently finished his thesis, was selected for an  Erasmus + trainee at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) in Montpellier (France) during the next 5 months!

He is going to work within CEE-M (Center for Environmental Economics-Montpellier) and the folloing topic: "Global Comparative Study on REDD+ global datasets".  The student was offered a scholarship from Eramus + and also from INRA!

 In his own words  "This traineeship opportunity is very welcomed and I am very happy with that because I will gain some work experiences which will be very important for my future career. The fact that I did MEDfOR was a very positive factor for me to be selected to do this Erasmus+ traineeship and the skills I acquired during my  MEDfOR Curriculum will necessarily be important for me to successfully complete this Traineeship. I am very grateful"